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Vapor/Moisture Barrier

Vapor/Moisture Barrier (aka Varmint Barrier)

Vapor Barrier is the protective covering that protects and holds in the subfloor insulation. In older homes, it common to find breaches in the vapor barrier due to plumbing repair, plumbing conversion from plastic or galvanized to copper or intrusion of rodents into the insulation to nest. If the ground underneath the home is frequently damp or water intrusion is an issue, breaches in the vapor barrier can allow odors and moisture to enter into the walls and flooring. Since most mobile/home are pressed wood or particle board, a moist environment can created deformities and the eventual decomposition of the flooring material. If soft spots or warping have impacted the floors, the problems could be associated with a leak, trapped moisture beneath the home rising into the floors and walls or poor underfloor ventilation. Some of these problems are covered under your homeowners insurance policy, and can be repaired at very little cost to the homeowner if dealt with promptly. Chronic moisture and trapped water can lead to other issues, such as mold, mildew, and fungus, etc.

For repair of damaged subfloor, we recommend Chad Of All Trades.