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Releveling and Reconditioning

Releveling and Reconditioning

What is releveling? The term is widely used to describe a readjustment of the undercarriage of the mobilehome/manufactured home. In many cases the home is decades old, was initially set-up imperfectly or other attached structures have been added to the home over the years when the home was out of level. Our primary goal is to provide the home with equal distribution of weight-making sure each component is working optimally and in compliance with the original manufacturer’s guidelines for weight bearing. Older homes present unique situations because many homeowners have made improvements over the years, possibly when the home was not quite level. Obviously we don’t want to create new problems with the roof, windows or plumbing by making aggressive adjustments if that is the case. Additionally, appurtenant structures may have been added when the home was out of level and we don’t want to break seals or flashing attachments by re-setting the home.

As a Realtor, I have used the services of On The Level several times to level manufactured homes for my buyer’s and my seller’s. In my opinion, On The Level’s services are far and above those of other leveling companies. They are very professional, timely and stand behind their services. If one ever needs a leveling company, I would highly recommend Janis and her company.”

Barbara Whisenant

On older homes, many of the original materials may have deteriorated or the materials may no longer be consistent with industry standards. For instance, original concrete piers may be sitting on untreated wood or non-compliant pads, piers and pads may have settled into the ground causing the screws to be extended beyond the manufacturer’s guidelines or water intrusion may have caused the pads to sink into the ground or become deteriorated. In this case, the understructure may need a more comprehensive overhaul-we call this “reconditioning”, replacing piers and pads as needed, bringing all components above grade, providing equidistant spacing of the piers and pads and making sure that all screws meet the manufacturer’s specifications. In many cases, we have to remove debris, re-install fallen insulation, repair torn vapor barrier, re-attach ducting and raise electrical wiring. All of this is commonly called releveling but we would prefer that the industry term be recalibration and/or reconditioning.

For complex, drainage or site prep for land leveling we recommend the Zip level: Ziplevel Pro-2000: The Ziplevel is a precision altimeter that not only levels but reads elevations in unmistakably clear digits.