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Lender/Realtor Services

OnTheLevel is a one-stop shop for issues connected with manufactured homes and foundation requirements respective to the loan and sales process. From the engineer’s certification letter to foundation repairs (433A retrofit), or even to help troubleshoot difficult title questions, we can be an asset to your real estate sales or loan processing team. With a consortium of professionals with over five decades of experience in the manufactured home industry, we understand both the nuts and bolts of manufactured home foundations as well as the time sensitivity associated with sales transactions and loan processing. Our goal is to meet your closing timelines with seamless execution.

Our services include:

  1. Foundation evaluations and engineer’s certifications for loan or sales transactions, especially those relative to FHA-insured and VA loans.
  2. Retrofitting or repairing the foundation in the event a foundation does not comply with the HUD Handbook aka PERMANENT FOUNDATION GUIDE FOR MANUFACTURED HOMES, SEPTEMBER 1996, also usually associated with FHA and VA loans.
  3. California is unique to all other states in that it has a specific Affidavit of Affixture document call the 433A document,  This specifies that the home has been installed on a permanent foundation and has been inspected by the local building jurisdiction. The reason the 433A can be difficult is because building requirements can vary from city to city, county to county. We know how to navigate through the jurisdictional process to get the 433A recorded.
  4. In the park conversion process when a resident is buying his land, we can tackle both the title and the foundation issues relative to the lender requirements. At the present time we are working on three park conversion projects so we are equipped to handle the paper flow and work execution.