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Referral Letters

Click on these links to download letters of referral from companies that have worked with On The Level (letters are in PDF format).

"I want to commend Janis Arendsen and On the Level with exemplary service in readying the above property for sale. She has been ready and eager to go out of her way to make sure that the issues with this property were brought to a successful conclusion in a speedy fashion. Her descriptions and estimates of the tasks that needed to be completed, the time needed to complete and the estimated expenses have been complete and accurate from the first time she was consulted. I recommend Janis Arendsen be commended and contracted for all retrofit work needing to be done for us. "

Ellen S. Dufur
"Thank you Janis!

Your professionalism stands out and I will recommend you to every originator I know in the area. "


It has really been a pleasure doing business with you and the rest of the staff at OnTheLevel. You took ownership of my loan process issues and were the only person knowledgeable enough within Southern California to understand my needs.

I spend hours online, making phone calls and visiting Mobile Home Dealers close to my home, without any success, nobody even new what I was talking about when asking for the Engineering Foundation Certificate.

You are the most PROFESSIONAL person that I been in contact with for years, always providing fast answers to questions and concerns.

Keep up the excellent work."

Enrique L. Fuentes
Bob Boris
I really appreciate your kindness as well as your quick communication, follow through and patience.

I wish that everyone we have been working with through this process had the work ethic that you do, we work in the same way and it is refreshing to see that in others around this area. "

Thanks again,
"I think you are at the top of the pack as far as honest & diligent dealing with the clients you worked on with me in my real estate transactions.

The business needs more like you.

I wish you continued success."

Bob Boris
"Well, working with you on this deal was seamless. I’m sure you give all of your clients this fantastic customer service!"

Jim Howey
Senior Repurchase Analyst
Mountain West Financial, Inc.
Scott, you are a gem!

" Thanks for being so honest."

Thanks, Nita Ryan
Hi Janis,

"Glad your on my team. Most of my fellow originators will not touch manufactured homes but I feel with you I can get the good one's done.

Thanks for all you do!"

Bob Warren
Reverse Mortgage Consultant
Generation Mortgage Company
Dear Janis;

" I want to thank you for your untiring efforts and diligence on my behalf toward obtaining the Reverse mortgage I do need. Hal Valoff concur's with me in stating that you have made things easier and speedier for us and keeping us informed at every turn.

Thank You again for making our lives a little better! "

Sincerely, Vince Algood
Hi Janis,

"On The Level are the best I've worked with and I have no problem using their title search for our files."

Thanks so much!

Judy Hill, CEO
Vice President/Manager
Chicago Title Company

" Your professionalism and expedient work ethic was awesome! Thank you!!! "
Hi Janis,

"You guys are awesome!! We really appreciate your professionalism when dealing with our seniors!!"

Thanks so much!

Heather Wilkin
Home Services Specialist II
Reverse Mortgage
Hi Janis,

"Thank you so much, again you have proven what a world class company you are. All the Processors here have recommended you as our best Manufactured Company EVER!! :) "
Hi Janis,

"Thank you for your time this morning. We know you are a busy lady and I appreciated speaking with you and resolving all these issues for ourselves!

We do want to thank you again for all you did to make this come together. God Bless you for your kindness.

Thank you also for being willing to write this letter to the insurance company AND to provide us with the certificate confirming we have a foundation now........AND the copy of the 433 A. We shall keep these in our own files for future."
Hi Janis,

"Thanks so much Janis, You have been a blessing. You dont know how much your help has meant to me. If there is anything I can do for you PLEASE let me know. It puts me in tears of relief just having you there. Maybe someday I will win the Lotto, and I would share the pot."
Thanks a million,

"You always do a great job for us."

Alex Pistone
Branch Manager
Hi Janis,

"I want to thank you for helping me keep my home that my Dear Husband purchased twelve years ago. We both loved it because neither he or I had a home when were kids so we took pride in raising our four children in this one. Now I can say I am having my my Grandson raised in a warm house. Thanks a million!"

Kathy Martindale

"I really appreciate all of your hard work and quick response. Hopefully because of that we can get the home sold and get on with it! Thank you very much"

Clark Turner
Hi Janis! Debbie Nance here.... fantastic to find you on ActiveRain!

"I want to let everyone know that you and I have worked together for about 4 years on many FHA Reverse Mortgage Loans for senior homeowners. I can't count the number of happy clients that you and On The Level have helped for us. You have always been happy to advise my team about all things "manufactured homes". Your expertise and patience make even the grouchiest old man to go along happily with the FHA requirements for their MH. Then we get their loan closed and all is well. No house payments + more cash flow + less stress = better life!

Your team is astounding and if you can teach me how to shout it from the ActiveRain rooftops, I will!

ON THE LEVEL ROCKS!!! They have my enthusiastic trust and I happily refer them to anyone who has MH questions."

Debbie Nance
Hello Scott,

"I wanted to thank you for the help. You definitely helped this process turn out to be a smooth one. I will definitely send future business your way and I hope you do the same.
Thank you."

James Yoon
Millennium Financial

"The two gentlemen that came out were the most courteous and professional gentlemen I have had the pleasure to meet. Thank you.

Thanks for all of your effort and thanks to the crew you sent out."

Bob Posey

"You guys are just Wonderful to work with, thank you so much for looking out for our Borrowers."

Debra Coleman
Senior Processor

"Many, many, thanks for your quick work. I will refer you and your company much, much more. In fact to my US Bank Home Mortgage team.."

Patricia Perry
Mortgage Banker

"I again thank you for all you have done. I am 100% all about customer service and that is not practiced too much these days. It is nice to see that someone has the same beliefs that I do. I used to be in Customer Service and what people don't realize in that job is that we wouldn't have a job if it weren't for the consumers. I always gave my 110% because it is how I wanted to be treated. To have you bend over backwards for us is heartwarming to say the least. "

Loanne Elliott
"Thank you so much Janis for your promptness and your hard work. I will make sure this gets to escrow right away for payment. Words cannot express my gratitude. If I ever have this scenario again, I will be giving out your name. "

Hillary Austin
Broker Associate
Pacific REO Properties

"Ok, I have two e-mails for you so will send a message to both!! LOL!!! They are done with the retrofit!! Yea!!! I cannot believe the small amount of time it took to do this and Billy and his son are true professionals. Very, very nice team and great to work with. I just so wish we would have known about this system a few years ago but now that we do know will recommend this to others. "

Gayle Killian
"Our manufactured home owners benefit from the ease of handling their sometime complex needs and with you working in their best interests in a smooth and professional manner, with honesty and integrity at the forefront."

James Marietti, Multi-State Home Lending

"Thank-You for all your help. You made it all possible. I will definitely refer you. Please send me some business cards. Your company is awesome. "

Marsha Dixon
Homeowner, Page AZ
"You are by far the best at this cert business that there is out there!!!"

Eliut Gonzalez
Pacific Coast Mortgage
"As a Realtor, I have used the services of On The Level several times to level manufactured homes for my buyer's and my seller's. In my opinion, On The Level's services are far and above those of other leveling companies. They are very professional, timely and stand behind their services. If one ever needs a leveling company, I would highly recommend Janis and her company."

Barbara Whisenant
You guys are awesome! Thank you very much! I don't know who else anyone has been using here for this service but I will recommend you to everyone!


--Wil Fortenberry, Paramount Equity
--Financial Specialist

Thank you so much. I have to tell you, you are awesome to work with. I thought this deal was dead and I know that a lot of mortgage brokers out here feel like they don?t know where to turn to on manu deals. I will definitely spread the word about you guys!

--Amy Brill

You and your company are truly the best in the business and I will always recommend you as the preferred contractor for all future jobs. Thanks again and have a great day.

--Darel Handley
--Handley Homes
We were so impressed with how professional and nice "On the Level" was. That's how a business should operate! They even fixed the steps that the inspector messed up! I can't tell you how happy we are that we found them to do the foundation.

--Hope Nichols, Homeowner

Thank you so much for all our hard work! This file would not have closed if it wasn't for you. You were awesome. We need more people out there like you.

--Mickey Bowlin, West Coast Escrow

What can I say but, 'wow' thank you for getting our inspection handled. You have helped make our dream come true.

--JD and Betty Biros
--Olancha, CA
"We officially closed our loan last week. Chad and I just wanted to thank you for being so awesome to work with as we got the retro-fit issues worked out. We really appreciate it!"

Thanks again!

Rana Watterson
"Thanks for having such great knowledge on this when no one else did. You were awesome!"

All the best

Jim Siebert
Vitek Mortgage Group
"Thank you. You saved this one for me!"

Michelle Camacho
Foothill Home Mortgage

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