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Manufactured Home Specialists

OnTheLevel is a One-Stop-Shop for lenders, realtors, escrow, title officers, insurance companies and homeowners who are involved in a manufactured home loan, real estate transaction and need a 433A or Engineer’s Certification to meet HUD 1996 Permanent Foundation Guide For Manufactured Homes. Generally loan underwriting in California requires that a manufactured home have an approved “permanent foundation” called a 433A. We regularly work with the building departments and the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) to pull permits and procure the 433A document.

Lender/Realtor Help – 433A and Engineer’s Certifications

We have thirty five years of experience working with lenders and realtors, so we understand the long list of underwriting requirements specific to manufactured homes. We know what it takes to complete a transaction. Whether you need a 433A or Engineer’s Certification for your FHA, VA or conventional loan, we can help. The 433A is our specialty and all costs can be paid through closing, so we protect your client from up front fees.

Homeowner/Borrower Help

In a manufactured homes sales or loan transaction, the process can often be frustrating and emotionally draining. Since we are intimately familiar with the loan process, we can reduce the confusion and mystery for you by working one-on-one with your realtor and lender. As a family-owned business, we have been serving the direct needs of manufactured home residents for 35 years. When you are interacting with us, you are not speaking with an order taker or an offshore data entry person. You are directly dealing with top line personnel with years of manufactured home field experience. Our working knowledge of the industry includes factory and dealer experience, site prep and installation, proprietary foundation systems, loan underwriting requirements and titling issues—so our vast specialty experience in manufactured homes sets us apart from any other company in California.

California Curative Title Help

For the lender, investor, attorney or title officer with curative title problems in California, we can often offer a single point of contact for title resolution on real property.   In California most titling and registration issues on real property involve the 433A process.

Manufactured Home Accessory Dwelling Units/Backyard Homes

If you are interested in adding an ADU on your property, consider the manufactured, tiny home or modular option.  Our dealer division, CREST HOMES can provide you with the expertise.

Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country

Anyone who has lived in California for some time has probably experienced what happens during an earthquake. The good news is that you can prepare your manufactured home for an earthquake. Implementing proper preventative measures can give you a better chance if your home is subject to the seismic upheavals of an earthquake. On The Level Contractors is ready to help you determine if your home is “earthquake safe” or if more stringent safety measures are necessary, including installing a State Certified Earthquake Resistant Bracing System.