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Homeowner Borrower Services

Homeowner/Borrower Services

OnTheLevel has been working directly with the manufactured home homeowner for over 30 years, solving specialty understructure issues relative to repair, sales, title and loan transactions. In today’s sales and loan environment, we can work with you right from the beginning to determine if your home is eligible for certain types of financing.  Or if a insurance company has certain requirements for seismic or wind tie-down, we can meet those coverage requisites as well.

Most loans on manufactured homes are likely to have certain foundation or structural requirements, generally a 433A and or an Engineer’s certification of the foundation.   What is an Engineer’s Certification?   It is the site specific engineer’s certification stating that the foundation meets HUD guidelines, and sometimes it is to verify that additions and modifications do not impact the structural integrity of the home.   If the home does not meet the foundation requirements, we can assist with the necessary repairs.

However if your home is a PARK MODEL or  is built before June 15, 1976, you can stop right there! It is impossible to get an FHA loan on a PARK MODEL  or a manufactured home built before that year, no matter how beautifully you have remodeled or upgraded the home.