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Financing Available in San Diego Land-Owned Communities

Manufactured Home Park Communities remain the most popular setting for manufactured homes. Although many parks are rental and leasehold, for loan and collateral purposes, lenders generally require that the owner of the home also own the land upon which the home sits—a land-home transaction. Some resident owned parks are Subdivisions or a Planned Unit Development, but many condominium conversion parks also qualify. To see if a park is on the HUD approved list, click here. All other requisite conditions for any manufactured home loan must also be met. We have provided a list of some and current approval conditions.


  • Casitas del Amigos, San Marcos: Approved for VA and FHA (expires 3/29/19)
  • Casitas del Sol, San Marcos: Deed restricted #7,9,16,20,42,48,88,104,105,112,131,148,163,165,182,187,191 ARE INELIGIBLE FOR FHA FINANCING. VA and FHA Approved (expires 7/11/19) and Conventional (expires 1/19/20)
  • Champagne Village Escondido: Deed restricted: SPECIAL HAZARD FLOOD ZONE UNITS 8,12,14,30-35,37-43 AND 65-73 ARE INELIGIBLE FOR Financing VA, FHA (expires 6/22/20) Conventional (6/21/19)
  • Escondido Views, Escondido: VA, FHA (expires 3/9/19)
  • Foothills of San Marcos, San Marcos: VA, FHA (expires 2/15/20) Conventional (expires 5/4/19)
  • La Moree, San Marcos: Deed Restricted: #12,14,19,55,58,65,75,105,112 ARE INELIGIBLE. VA only
  • Lake Jennings, Lakeside: (VA, FHA (expires 2/15/20) and Conventional (expires 5/4/19)
  • Madrid Manor, San Marcos: Deed restricted: #29,39,44,61,116,224,262 ARE INELIGIBLE FOR FHA FINANCING. VA, Conventional (expires 1/24/20) NO FHA
  • Mountain Shadows: City owned: THE 24 LOTS OWNED BY THE CITY OF ESCONDIDO – #6,9,31,35,50,54,65,66,85,98,99,106,109,112,118,120,128,133,160,165,177,194,198,205 VA, FHA (expires 10/16/19)
  • Park Encinitas, Encinitas: VA, Conventional (expires 1/24/20) No FHA
  • Rancho Carlsbad, Carlsbad: UNITS 1-52,54-57,67-103,107,109,126,184-191,195,235-238, 262-269,277-286,291-318,320-504 are eligible VA, Conventional (expires 8/18/19) and FHA (expires 1/23/20)
  • Rancho Escondido, Escondido VA, Conventional (expires 3/29/19) No FHA
  • Rancho Monserate Country Club, Fallbrook, VA, FHA (expires 6/15/20) Conventional (expires 1/23/20)
  • San Marcos View, San Marcos: No deed restrictions No VA, FHA (expires 6/29/19, Conventional (expires 1/7/19)
  • Shorecliffs, San Clemente: No deed restrictions
  • Sierra Vista Mobile Estates: VA, Conventional (expires 9/19/19) NO FHA
  • Solamar, Carlsbad VA, FHA (expires 8/20/20) Conventional (expires 3/19/20)
  • Twin Oaks: Only: ONLY M/H UNITS: #2,7,8,11,12,19-21,24,27,28,31,37,40,43,46-50,52,55,56,59,61,75,79,85-89,91,92,93,94,95,122,123,125,138,140,148,150,152,153,156,158,163,164,168,170,173,178,180,181,184,187,188,190,193,195 ARE ELIGIBLE. VA, FHA (expires 4/20/19) and Conventional (expires 1/2/20)
  • Vista Montana, San Diego: No deed restrictions
  • Warner Springs Estates: No deed restrictions
PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENTS FHA an VA Requires PERS approval on Age Restricted parks
  • Camino Hills, Carlsbad
  • Citrus Gardens, Escondido
  • El Camino Estates, Carlsbad
  • Emerald Lake, Oceanside
  • Las Brisas Pacificas, San Marcos
  • Pilgrim Creek, Oceanside
  • Shadowridge Crossing, Vista (Conventional as well: not age restricted)
  • Via Verde, Escondido
  • Vista del Mar, Vista (Has conventional until 9/6/20)