Today’s Factory Built Housing Projects.

Gone are the days of the “Singlewide”, “Doublewide”, trailer talk. “Today’s Factory Built Housing” is here to stay. Be they Manufactured, Modular, PreFab, Component stacked et. al. it’s a whole new ball game. I had a rather challanging, eventful and even fun-filled experience with many AR members this past year regarding the differences between site (stick) built and “Factory Built” housing so I have decided to make it my mission in ’10 to educate as best I can our intimate little community.

This is the first of many articles I intend to share with the AR community about my career and experiences in this facinating and ever growing industry. Every unit is equipped with all the creature comforts and amminities you could ever hope to have in site built construction and more.

This is a crane set 200 unit apartment complex comprised of 800 plus modular components built in a factory, transported by lowboy truck and trailer and crane set in a 2 story stacked 200 unit apartment project in Visailia, CA

This apartment complex has all the creature comforts and more that you could ever hope for in any type of site built construction. Try double walls, ceiling and floors for openers. Inasmuch as every module is a seperate structure unto itself the 2×6 double exterior walls provide the ultimate in sound proofing and structural stability.

My next post will take a look at what many “Brand Name” mid-sized hotels and motels are doing with multi-story (stacked) factory built structures. You won’t believe it.