433A Foundation process for a manufactured home

We represent a variety of manufacturers, so the homeowner and borrower have the option of selecting the best system for the soils condition of the understructure and for his price criteria.

Generally, the process is as follows:

A. Inspection:

The home site and understructure are evaluated to determine the most cost effective system for the home and the soil condition. Since the retrofit permanent foundation system is designed to work in conjunction with the existing pier and pad system, we first must determine the structural integrity of the current components. The inspection generally takes no more than 45 minutes.

B. Formal Bid:

We will prepare a formal bid at the conclusion of the Inspection and have it returned no later than the next day. Our bids outline all expected costs including permits, system installation, filing with Housing and Community Development, recordation of the documents, cost of Engineer’s Certificate, etc.

C. Sign Contract:

Once a contract has been signed and we are assured the underwriter has all the required information, we are happy to schedule an installation.

D. Job completion:

Most installations can be completed in 1 working day. Some individual cases may take slightly longer depending on the scope of the job. This will be stipulated up-front and will entail no hidden costs.

E. Signing and Recordation of 433A:

The following business day the local building Inspector verifies and signs off on the installation and signs the 433A. From there, the local jurisdiction will generally record the 433A. If not, OnTheLevel will assist to expedite the recordation through escrow.

F. Billing:

We can be paid out of Escrow! Once the document has been recorded we will fax, or send the recorded document and a copy of our invoice to the billing party.