A Home Built In Two Minutes

Take two minutes to check out the link below if you want to see just how quick and simple your building solutions can be.


AlbeitĀ  the time line is exceedingly hyperbolic to say the least this will give a builder, developer, planning departments, permitting officials and especially the homeowner a basic understanding of just how easy, safe and clean manufactured, modular and pre-fab home building has become.

Sure there is still the basic permitting, site work, infrastructure, soft scape, hard scape and appurtenances to go. But overall this keeps the whole home-building process and experience extremely simplistic and eliminates weeks if not months of strangers invading your property and having to deal with material, tools and equipment losses due to pilfering and weather and typical building related delays.

The in plant quality control and attention to detail that these structural components receive in a safe and climatically controlled environment could never be possible out in the open air with a mish mash of strangers all trying to converge on your property to coordinate and then rush their portion of the project through in order to keep everything on schedule which usually never happens anyway.

Finally financing has become a lot easier to obtain than ever before whether you’re dealing with a new home or a resale. If you and/or your client own the land that your manufactured or modular home will be placed on you can qualify for 30 year conventional financing with the same interest rate and terms you would expect to receive on a traditional site built home. It’s never been easier nor has the timing ever been better.

If you or your client are considering building or buying a manufactured home and need a little direction or information please consider On The Level your go to Active Rain source of information. Our consulting services are absolutely free to Active Rain members.