April is Earthquake Preparedness Month

earthquake_preparedness_monthAre you prepared for an earthquake?  This is the question that supporters of National Earthquake Preparedness Month in April seek to bring to the forefront of discussion.  Making everyone aware of how to be prepared for an earthquake will ultimately result in fewer injuries and less property damage than if homeowners remain uninformed about earthquake safety.  On The Level Contractors supports Earthquake Preparedness month by spreading the word:  preparing for an earthquake can save money and lives.

The good news is that you can and should prepare your home for an earthquake especially if the home was built in the 1940s or even earlier.  You can also prepare your home for an earthquake if you live in a manufactured home.  Implementing proper preventative measures can give you a “second chance” if your home is subject to the seismic upheavals of an earthquake.  On The Level Contractors is ready to help you determine if your home is “earthquake safe” or if more stringent safety measures are necessary,including retrofitting foundation enhancements and/or installing a certified earthquake resistant bracing system (ERBS). Continue reading →